Bright Little Buttons

boy painting at nursery school

We offer child centred care and education following Montessori philosophy.

We aim to provide a happy nurturing environment where all can freely express and explore their thoughts and ideas and by so doing continue to thrive and develop – emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually.

Our top priority for all children entering our nursery is that it is a happy and positive experience for them, which will play a part in helping to instil both the confidence to operate independently within a group and a life long love of learning.

At Bright Little Buttons we believe that all children are intrinsically good and, in essence, ‘Bright Little Buttons’. It is our goal to help ensure they shine brightly and are confident, capable and keen to meet all future challenges.

The Bright Little Blog

    Why Montessori ?

    The key advantages of a Montessori education include:

    • Independent thinking and learning are nurtured
    • Classes are communities with experienced staff to enable excellence in every child
    • Expansion and enrichment of the National Curriculum at each key stage
    • Evaluation of progress without testing
    • Promotion of respect for self, community and environment