Enrolment / Fees

Parents wishing to enrol their child on the waiting list at Bright Little Buttons pay a £25 enrolment fee. This covers the costs of registering their child in the school’s portfolio, attending two Settling In sessions prior to starting, creating their child’s Montessori records and the purchase of a school book bag.

Bright Little Buttons is open as a nursery during term time only (i.e. 38 weeks per year). Our current hourly rate is £4.70 per hour.

Session Time Hours Price
A.M.1 8.30-12 (3.5h) £16.45
A.M.2 9.00-12.00 (3h) £14.10
Lunch (Fri) 12.00-1 (1h) £4.70
P.M.1 12-3.30 (3.5h) £16.45
P.M.2 12.30-3.30 (3h) £14.10
Full Day 1 8.30-3.30 (7h) £32.90
Full Day 2 9.00-3.30 (6.5h) £30.55
Full Day 3 9.00-3.00 (6h) £28.20

Free Nursery Entitlement

Some 2 year olds and all 3 & 4 year olds (from the term after their 3rd birthday) are entitled to claim for up to 15 hours of free nursery provision a week for up to 38 weeks a year, with no further payment from you.

Free Entitlement sessions can be taken throughout the week, in part or added to with further paying sessions as suits your requirements.

Payments are due termly, monthly or weekly in advance.

1 month’s written notice to quit is required.

Half Term and Holiday Clubs

Bright Little Buttons opens as a Holiday Club during Half Terms and for an additional week in December for a Christmas Craft Club for children between 3 and 8 years of age. Sessions times are as for the Nursery.

We also offer a 4-week Summer Holiday Club for 3 to 8 year olds during July and August. This Club opens for 3 days per week (Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays only – session times are as for the Nursery).

All of our Clubs are priced at £4 per hour, although please note that Free Entitlement funding cannot be used to pay for any Half Term/Holiday Club sessions that you book

Please contact us for further information.